August Beer Set(6-piece)
  • August Beer Set(6-piece)

    "The original taste of beer" sought by a representative from Kirin Brewery


    Kenji Sakamoto, the representative of August Beer, was originally from Kirin Brewery and was in charge of beer sales in the United States while he was enrolled. After domestic sales of overseas beer, he became independent in 2004.

    The idea of its founding is "customers decide the deliciousness of beer."

    As the beer market matured, prioritized the convenience of the maker, such as price priority or taste preference, August Beer was born based on the desire to make beer that suits the customer better.


    Beer A beer that does not kill yeast, does not filter, has richness and depth, and has live yeast.


    Representative Sakamoto will work with Keisuke Honjo, a former colleague who has studied abroad at the Department of Beer Brewing at Technische Universität München, to return to the origins of beer brewing while developing products.

    As a result of various studies, the goodness of malt, hops, and yeast, which are the raw materials for beer, all live.

    "High malt concentration yeast unfiltered beer"

    I arrived at. It is difficult to maintain the quality of taste of unfiltered yeast beer. Therefore, while making use of Mr. Honjo's know-how in the manufacturing method and temperature control, I was particular about it.

    The result is a lager-type beer from August Beer. A lager-type beer that is familiar to Japanese people, provided by a major beer company.

    Although it is different from the image of conventional beer, such as the taste of yeast and the gentle throat of naturally-derived carbon dioxide, "a beer that is delicious for customers" was born.


    August Pilsner

    A lager-type beer that allows you to fully enjoy the taste of yeast. While retaining the goodness of the lager type, it is a beer that "continues to drink comfortably" and "does not swell" by taking advantage of the goodness of yeast-derived "foam".

    Alcohol content: 5.5% Ingredients: malt, hops Contents: small bottle 330ml


    August white

    Made from barley malt and wheat malt, with the addition of orange peel and coriander, it has a refreshing acidity, sweetness, and a deep, transparent taste. Even those who have the image that they are not good at beer can recommend it as "delicious".

    Alcohol content: 5.5% Ingredients: barley malt, wheat malt, hops, wheat, orange peel, coriander Contents: small bottle 330ml


    August Dark Pilsner

    A mellow lager-type dark beer that has been fermented on the bottom. It features the fragrant bitterness of roasted malt and the exquisite harmony of a slight sweetness. In fact, it is a popular dish among women who like beer in the August Beer series.

    Alcohol content: 4.5% Ingredients: malt, hops Contents: small bottle 330ml


    August IPA (India Pale Ale) 

    Among craft beers, IPA is very popular these days. August IPA is as mellow as those who usually drink IPA. By combining three types of malt and four types of hops to create a clear aftertaste, it is an IPA that can be enjoyed in combination with refreshing dishes such as Japanese food.

    Alcohol content: 7.0% Ingredients: malt, hops Contents: small bottle 330ml

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